System Status

04/21/11 – System is operational.

03/21/11 – [5:15pm] Major line break on Swett FIXED – water service has been restored.

03/21/11 – [2:45pm] Major line break on Swett – REPAIRS ARE ONGOING. Waterservice will be out for several more hours.Please help if you can!Contact Tom or Werner

03/21/11 – [10:00am] Major line break on Swett – REPAIRS ARE ONGOING.Waterservice will be out for several hours.Please help if you can!Contact Tom or Werner

03/20/11 – Major line break on Swett. Repairs planned for 10:00 am tomorrow morning. Water service will be out starting at 10am. Please help if you can!Contact Tom or Werner

03/20/11 – Repaired another line by the upper pump house;

03/17/11 – Repaired broken water line INSIDE the upper pump house; repaired damage in the shed, wiring, transformers, etc.;

03/13/11 – Fixed a seized pump at upper pump house. Hauled down and connected a new pump; hauled out the old one;

03/01/11 – Replaced the booster pump at the tank farm; updated the piping that feeds the booster pump;

02/12/11 – Minor booster pump problems at the tank farm. The system is fully operational.

01/20/11 – We are still trying to track down a pesky leak in the system. Now that its drying out, if you notice water somewhere out of the ordinary, please let us know.

01/12/11 – SERVICE DISRUPTION: On Friday 1/14/11 at 8am, water will be turned off in order to test the main line. Expected time of service restoration is no later than 12:00 noon the same day.

01/04/11 – We believe we have isolated the minor leak to a stretch of pipe on KMR. Testing is ongoing.

01/01/11 – [Update 7:00pm] – the major break was fixed but there is still a moderate leak that needs to be addressed. We are continuing to diagnosis and test the system

01/01/11 – [Update 10:15am] – the break has been fixed and we are monitoring the situation

01/01/11 – Tom has found the problem, which is a break in the main line along a Swett Road spur. He is in the process of fixing it.

12/31/10 – Currently there is a major leak around the Swett Road area. Tom is working to find the problem

05/02/10 – Werner has diagnosed and fixed the problem. May have been due to Cal Trans cleaning along Skyline

04/30/10 – Low voltage signal corruption. Werner is looking into this

04/25/10 – All systems are normal.

04/18/10 – All systems are normal.

04/12/10 – Leak repaired.

04/11/10 – Large leak detected somewhere down by Karen’s

04/04/10 – All systems are normal.

03/28/10 – All systems are normal.

03/21/10 – All systems are normal.

03/14/10 – All systems are normal.

03/07/10 – All systems are normal.

02/28/10 – All systems are normal.

02/21/10 – All systems are normal.

02/14/10 – All systems are normal.

02/07/10 – All systems are normal.

01/31/10 – All systems are normal.

01/23/10 – Upper pump electrical fixed

01/22/10 – Upper pump electrical problem

01/18/10 – Redwood tree fell very near the upper pump house.

01/18/10 – System monitoring due to high winds in the area

01/04/10 – All systems are normal. Happy New Year!

12/29/09 – All systems are normal.

12/25/09 – All systems are normal. Happy holidays!

12/20/09 – All systems are normal

12/16/09 – All systems are normal

12/15/09 – The system has stabilized but is being closely monitored. Please continue to expect a nightly shutdown. We will continue to provide updates. The cause of this leak was ever┬ádetermined.

12/13/09 – We will be shutting down the system at 11pm and restoring it at 5am until the major system leak is found and fixed. Check back here for regular updates.
Please conserve water.

12/11/09 – Large water leak.

11/05/09 – PVC pipe break near Starhill, cut by the County and fixed on the fly

10/25/09 – Old pump removed, new pump in place. System restored.

10/24/09 – Hauled down replacement pump; hauled out old pump

10/23/09 – Wiring problem fixed by Tom and Ian

10/20/09 – A problem exists between the upper pump and the tank farm. We are diagnosing this now. There is plenty of water on hand in our storage facility and we currently have no planned system outage.

10/19/09 – Recent storms have not had a major impact on the water system. We are up and running normally with no known service disruptions.

10/18/09 – No know service disruptions.

10/04/09 – Pipe break fixed

09/30/09 – High winds cause pipe break between upper and lower pump

05/17/09 – Pipe break below upper pump fixed

05/15/09 – Pipe break below upper pump.

02/19/09 – Large mysterious water leak (cause was never determined)

09/29/08 – Electrical power installed in shed

09/26/08 – Large leak detected and fixed @ 240 Swett

08/02/08 – Shed roof installed

07/25/08 – New shed shell constructed

07/19/08 – Site prep for new shed

07/11/08 – Break fixed

07/10/08 – Lower pump failure because PG&E crushed the lines

07/09/08 – Lower pump failure

05/21/08 – Upper pump fixed

05/18/08 – Pipe break fixed; upper pump fixed also

05/17/08 – Pipe break below upper pump house

05/10/08 – Pump failure in upper pump house

03/22/08 – Water leak fixed

03/20/08 – Water leak in road

08/03/07 – Large water leak identified and repaired

08/03/07 – Large water leak