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Protect Our Watershed

Let’s keep our water clean and environment green! Be on the lookout for illicit discharges into our watershed or the surrounding area.


Local and Federal agencies have enacted laws that are meant to reduce water pollution and create a better environment for generations to come. Pollutants that are prohibited from illicit discharges into the watershed, storm water system, creeks, lakes, ponds, streets and parking lots include, but are not limited to, the following:

Petroleum products, including oils, grease, and solvents from parts, cleaning, and gasoline
Household and pool chemicals, acids and corrosives
Pet waste
Sanitary sewage
Antifreeze and other automotive products
Lawn clippings, leaves, branches, etc.
Pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers
Construction materials
Recreational vehicle waste
Paints or paint by-products
Toxic or poisonous solids or liquids
Any ground water that contains phosphorous or nitrogen concentrations greater than the surface water in which the ground water is being discharged
Any water that exceeds the state surface water standard

Reporting Illicit Discharges

Contact us with the information on where the discharge took place, what you saw, and a description of the person or vehicle.

We encourage the reporting of malicious illicit discharge. If you believe that what is being discharged is dangerous, or may be harmful, call 911. If you see someone improperly disposing of dangerous materials, please call us.