Flow Meter

Flow meterAccording to Tom, the flow meter flew the coup today.

So what is a flow meter? It is (wait for it) a device that measures water flow. In our case, this flow meter is helping us accurately measure the total water pulled into the system per day.

It is an essential piece of measuring equipment that helps us monitor the overall health of our system.

Here are the specifications!

Paddlewheel Flow Meters Specifications

Accuracy:+/-2% full scale

Display:6-digit LCD, rate and total
Max pressure:300 psig (20.7 bar) @ 70 F (20.7 C)
Max fluid temp @ 0 psi T-mount:200 F (93 C)
Saddle-mount:140 F (60 C)
Materials Sensor body/paddle/axle:PVDF
Mounting T:PolypropyleneMounting saddle:1 1/2 to 3: PVDF, 6 to 10: PVC
O-Rings:VitonPower:Two AAA batteries (included)
Battery life:1-year minimumEnclosure:NEMA 4X, ABS
Weight:2 lbs (907 kg)

Absolutely amazing stuff in a 2lb package!