Leak Update


Happy winter! All systems are normal.


Our water system up and running normally.

12/15/09 – Evening

It appears as though the system is back to normal. Consumption is back down to regular levels. There will be no shut down tonight. We hope to officially declare this incident closed and resume normal service on Wednesday.

12/15/09 – Morning

The system has stabilized and we are closely monitoring it. For now, we will continue to shut down the system at night and restore it in the morning. We will provide updates as soon as we have them. Updates will be posted here, on twitter and sent through email.


Ongoing testing and troubleshooting


To add a bit more excitement, today a fuse blew on one of the PG&E electrical poles. This caused the lower pump to go out. Jim, Paul, Eric and Tom along with PG&E diagnosed the problem and restored the system early in the evening. There was no interruption in service during this repair.


An isolation valve was installed to help the team narrow down the leak. Unfortunately, we have not yet determined exactly where the leak is, although we suspect that it is along a short stretch of Swett Road. We are arranging for a leak detection company to assist us with finding the leak. They have specialized equipment and diagnostics that will hopefully speed up this process. Once found, it should be fairly straightforward to repair.


The rainy weather proved to be a problem, as the team worked the weekend to find and fix the major system leak.

The leak we are currently chasing issubstantialand we are asking all residents on the system to conserve water until further notice. Because of the constant water loss, we will be shutting down the system nightly at 11pm and restoring it at 5am every morning. This will help us maintain the water levels until the leak is addressed.

If you have any questions, please contact us.