Damn Spammers

Since the website went live back in 2009, it has attracted the worldwide attention of hackers and phishers. I’ve spent countless hours securing the site, backing it up. When its gone down I’ve restored it.

The phishers and spammers love forums – we’ve had thousands of new accounts created from all parts of the world. Its too bad that none of them are interested purchasing some of our water for export 🙂

The forums have been up for a year and are a little to no use to our small water company. This is exemplified in the fact that there has not been a single legitimate post but thousands of spam posts.

Therefore, I have made the executive decision to pull them down. This will be less of a strain on our hosting provider and these nefarious folks will find someone else to bother.

If there is a pressing need for a forum in the future I’ll be able to restore or recreate them.