Help with Leak (final update 5:15pm)

UPDATE 5:15PM [final]

The leak has been fixed. Thanks to Werner, Jim, Tom and everyone else that worked on this.

Water service has been restored. As mentioned, you may experience air and discolored water for a hour or two.



As of 1:30pm today, repairs are ongoing. The break was at a coupling which was slowly pulled apart by the growth of a large tree.

Water will be off throughout the afternoon. Once service is reestablished, you may experience air in the line and some discolored water. These conditions should subside over a couple of hours.

Volunteers still welcome in the vicinity of 170 Swett Road.

We will provide an update in a couple of hours.

Thank you all for assisting with (and your understanding of) this latest emergency.


There is a large leak on Swett Road near the school.

Werner will be working on this on Monday morning 3/21/2011 at 10am and is calling for help.

The job will require some diggingand playing in the mud. And you help will count against your volunteer assessment!

Water will be shut off from 10am for at least a couple of hours.