What Causes a Water Line to Break?

With all of the recent activity, we thought water line breaks would be a great topic.

Water main leaks and breaks typically occur due to a handful of causes:

Corrosion -corrosion is a natural phenomenon occurring over years and can be caused by the water carried by the pipe or due to external soil conditions which may be acidic and can corrode the pipe. This corrosion can cause holes to develop in weaker sections of a pipe, which then leads to leaks

Pressure – main water lines are under extreme pressure. Over long periods of time, this pressure can weaken joints, which is a common point of failure in a water line

Freezing – pipes can be put under pressure by the freezing of the ground, which can cause the pipes to become dislodged from their original position, leading to additional pressure on the joints

Trees – tree roots can encroach on water line, moving it. This movement can loosen and weaken joints in the water line, pushing it closer to failure

Earthquakes, landslips – sudden jolts in the earth canloosen, weaken and sever the water line

External forces – pipes that are not deeply buried which are adjacent to roads are subject to pressure and movement from vehicles

If you suspect a weakened water line in your area, please let us know. If you see water bubbling to the surface for no apparent reason or a wet spot that should be dry, that could be a sign that an underground leak has developed. Do not hesitate to call us!

Not only is a leak a potential problem for anyone downhill of it or driving through it, but because we are a small company, it can greatly impact our water supply. Its our version of liquid gold 🙂

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