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Volunteer Day May 19th!

Hi all,

We are organizing a volunteer weekend in two weeks for the water company. It will be a great time to spend some time with your fellow neighbors, learn more about what goes into delivering your water, and work off some of those volunteer hours for YOUR water company.

Saturday May 19, we plan on having at least three teams of volunteers working on three or more different projects at three different locations to whip our winter battered system into shape for the summer and fall months. Let us know which project may interest you and your availability.

Project 1. Tank farm clean up. 5/19/2012 – 9 a.m. Start. Meet at school.

Need two people for this. Bring shovels and something to drink. Total job should take about 2-3 hours. Finish in time to enjoy a well deserved lunch with your loved ones as this will be wrapped up before noon.

Project 2. Upper tank and weir clean up. 5/19/2012 –  10 a.m. start. Meet at school

2-3 people will be needed for this. We will be digging out the weir with its accumulated winter debris, and perform some much needed maintainance around the pump, tanks and shed. Bring your shovels, rakes, something warm to drink and a sense of humor. This should be a muddy, but short project. About 2-3 hours.

 Project 3. Lower pump spring prep. 5/19/2012 –  NOON start. meet at school.

2 people plus Tom.

Have you never been to the lower pump? Feeling adventurous? This is the project for you. Bring a chainsaw, shovels, boots and a serious sense of humor. Whiskey will be provided. Just like Gilligan, this is a three hour tour. Be prepared for a good learning experience, because if something can go wrong, it has deep in this canyon. And together, we are going to fix it. About 4 hours.

Unscheduled Projects

We also have several other projects depending on the number of volunteers and whether some of you can work two project on one day. These include:

Fixing one small leak, (1 hour for two people)

installing new utility box, (one hour for two people),

changing out a meter and pressure regulator (three hours, two people)

Contact us and we will get you on the calendar!

Other volunteer projects and lots of information about your water company can always be found at on the volunteer page.

Thank you in advance.

King’s Mountain Park Mutual Water Company