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Water Quality Reports

You may be wondering ” What is a Consumer Confidence Report?”


A Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), which may also be called an annual water quality report or a drinking water quality report, provides information on your local drinking water quality. Every community water supplier must provide an annual report by July 1 of each year to its customers, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


KMPWCO routinely tests the drinking water quality for many constituents, as required by State and Federal Regulations.


All CCRs must contain certain content elements. The specific information in your CCR is tailored to your local water system and will include.


Your Water SourceKnowing your water source is important because germs, chemicals and minerals – known as contaminants – may exist at varying levels, depending on the source. Your water comes from surface water in open space land within less that 1-2 miles of your home.
Levels of Contaminants in your Water SourceKeep in mind that while some things listed as “contaminants” in your CCR can be harmful to your health, others can be good for you, such as the appropriate amount of a disinfectant that keeps your water safe from germs. Knowing what levels of contaminants are in your water source—and whether those contaminants are actually harmful—can help you to determine whether or not you should take additional precautions in protecting yourself and your family from potential water-related illnesses.

EPA Standards for Safe Contaminant Levels

The EPA determines what levels of contaminants are safe to have in your water, and your CCR will show you whether or not your water source has a higher level of contaminants than recommended. It is most important to pay attention to whether contaminant levels are marked as “violated,” meaning the level is higher than EPA allows. This will be the best indication of how the contaminants in your water source might affect your health.

Information about Cryptosporidium

All CCRs are required to provide general information on Cryptosporidium, a parasite that can cause a severe diarrheal illness, because it can be dangerous for persons with severely weakened immune systems, even at low levels. It is also very tolerant of chlorine disinfection. This section exists on every CCR and does not necessarily indicate the presence of Cryptosporidium in your drinking water. (Current members of the KMPWCO water company do not recall ever testing positive for cryptosporidium, a positive track record which spans perhaps decades back).

Other Relevant Information about your Water

CCRs often include additional information tailored to your water source that will help to provide a better understanding of where your water comes from and how safe it is.

Below are the annual KMPWCO Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR), as issued by the County of San Mateo:


2017 Consumer Confidence Report  *** NEW – posted 11/01/2018 ***

2016 Consumer Confidence Report

2015 Consumer Confidence Report

2014 Consumer Confidence Report

2013 Consumer Confidence Report

2012 Consumer Confidence Report

2011 Consumer Confidence Report

2010 Consumer Confidence Report

2009 Consumer Confidence Report

2008 Consumer Confidence Report

2007 Consumer Confidence Report

2006 Consumer Confidence Report