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Flow Meter


According to Tom, the flow meter flew the coup today. So what is a flow meter? It is (wait for it) a device that measures water flow. In our case, this flow meter is helping us accurately measure the total water pulled into the systemContinue reading



Yes, Twitter! In addition to our “normal” lines of communication (this website, telephone, email, knocking on your door, etc), we can and will use Twitter to broadcast updates and emergencies to the group. If we are in the field and have a wireless connection, weContinue reading



Itching to write something? Have a funny or informative story to share? Contribute to this site – we want you! Create and account and shoot me an email, I’ll give you editor rights and you can easily submit articles and other fun stuff. Its easy-peasy!

Protect Our Watershed


Let’s keep our water clean and environment green! Be on the lookout for illicit discharges into our watershed or the surrounding area. Pollutants Local and Federal agencies have enacted laws that are meant to reduce water pollution and create a better environment for generations toContinue reading

System Status


04/21/11 – System is operational.

Welcome to the KMPWCO Website!


We’ve created this website for the members of our community. We’ll provide system status and updates, news, information on our volunteer projects, quality, billing rates and more. If you have a question, you can post it to the forum and we’ll respond. You should alsoContinue reading