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Kings Mountain Park Original Map


Kings Mountain Park Original Property Boundaries

Our Water Master


Tom Koos, a 15 year local resident, is our water master. He spearheads the efforts to upgrade, maintain and repair our system and is the primary reason we have such quality water and reliable service. Here are a few facts about Tom: He was bornContinue reading

Volunteer Projects 2009-2010


The KMPWCO is a community based water company, run by itsmembers.Our goal is to provide high quality water system-wide, consistently and reliably. Volunteering to help the KMPWCO is gratifying, is a great way to spend time with your neighbors and can reduce your water bill!WeContinue reading

Water Quality FAQ


Why does my water appear milky or cloudy? What causes the spots on my dishes? Should I buy a water softener? Should I buy a home filtration unit? What should I do if my coffee has an oily appearance? What causes odor in the hotContinue reading