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Monthly Update – 2010-02-28


For the monthly period ending February 28, 2010, the water company has been stable and there’s no significant news to report.

Monthly Update – 2010-01-31


For the monthly period ending January 31, 2010, the water company experienced the following activity: 1) We made it through the power outages with no significant effects. 2) A large redwood fell near our pump house but luckily missed! 3) We had a minor pumpContinue reading

Volunteer Projects 2009-2010


The KMPWCO is a community based water company, run by itsmembers.Our goal is to provide high quality water system-wide, consistently and reliably. Volunteering to help the KMPWCO is gratifying, is a great way to spend time with your neighbors and can reduce your water bill!WeContinue reading