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Monthly Update – 2010-01-31


For the monthly period ending January 31, 2010, the water company experienced the following activity: 1) We made it through the power outages with no significant effects. 2) A large redwood fell near our pump house but luckily missed! 3) We had a minor pumpContinue reading

Leak Update


12/20/09 Happy winter! All systems are normal. 12/16/09 Our water system up and running normally. 12/15/09 – Evening It appears as though the system is back to normal. Consumption is back down to regular levels. There will be no shut down tonight. We hope toContinue reading

High Water Loss


We are experiencing a high water loss which may be caused by a leak. The leak has been isolated to a certain area but we have yet to find it. There will be interruptions in our water system this weekend while we troubleshoot the system,Continue reading

System Status


04/21/11 – System is operational.