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Electronic Payments


As we discussed at the annual meeting, we have enabled the QuickBooks “Pay It Now” feature within our accounting system. This allows you to pay your water bill with the click of a button and helps the water company make secure, timely and accurate deposits.Continue reading

2014 Annual Meeting Recap


Big thanks to Mary and Peter for sharing their wonderful home for the annual meeting. Great wine and delicious food! The complete meeting minutes document has been posted to the yahoo group.   KEY HIGHLIGHTS The system has been stable and the pumps have been reliableContinue reading



For those of you so inclined, we are posting documentation on one of our filters. Our system uses the state-of-the-art Homespring UF-200 filter from GE to purify your water. In addition to providing an effective barrier to bacteria, parasites and viruses, this water treatment system, alongContinue reading

Electronic Statements


Starting with the July 2011 statement, KMPWCO will be moving to electronic statements. You will receive your monthly statement at the email address we have on file. The statement will come as a PDF attachment and will require that you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.Continue reading



I’ve rebuilt the KMPWCO website from the ground up in WordPress. WordPress gives us everything we had in the previous site, with less complexity. Rather than hosting a forum, which was unused, WordPress allows users to leave comments on blog posts. All of the data hasContinue reading

Damn Spammers


Since the website went live back in 2009, it has attracted the worldwide attention of hackers and phishers. I’ve spent countless hours securing the site, backing it up. When its gone down I’ve restored it. The phishers and spammers love forums – we’ve had thousandsContinue reading